January 19, 2019

On a sunny day in winter,
I guided the Akiba cart.

We used it at a couple.
We took a break at the usual cafe in Sawara, the road was free on Sunday afternoon,
It was exactly two hours by return trip.

As a new, optional item
We adopted an electric vest like an electric bl...

■ Koedo Sawara Drive the streets of Sogo Edo Sakura with "Akiba Cart"! Children can enjoy themselves with parents at "Ninja Cart Circuit" in the shop!

November 16, 2018

Akiba Cart Japan Mini Tour That One https://youtu.be/DqlAONLrJrY ▶AkibaCart NaritaInternational https://www.youtube

It is "Akiba Cart Narita International Airport store" near Narita International Airport in Narita City, Chiba Prefecture.
You can run on the public road and enjoy the ninja circuit! !
It is the perfect activity for family spending time with the children of Narita Airpo...<