Sawara-town in the Edo period & Pleasure boatTours            /Akibacart Narita departure


Those who want to see the town in the Edo period, please come to Sawara-town.

It is famous for the location such as movies and commercials.
This movie "eel" directed by Imamura Shohei was filmed here.

The movie 'Eel' is the leading actor Yakusho Koji and won the Grand Prix at the Cannes International Film Festival.

Also, around 2010, it became a place of Thai film "Fat Chant", Thai tourists increased due to this influence.

Furthermore, at CM, it became the place of Oronamin C, the representative of Japan, "a city town with a Hatsuratsu tower".

This Sawara-town can be done just by studying history. Because it is the city where Japanese culture has been preserved as it is.

However, although it is close to Narita Airport but access is difficult,
It was a sightseeing spot difficult for many foreign tourists using Narita airport to visit.

In this Sawara-townru-cho tour this time, everyone via Narita Airport,
I sincerely hope to enjoy this city.


Sawara-town in the Edo period & Pleasure boatTours            /Akibacart Narita departure

Setting day: Every day until 12/31

This is the course of "Kitano-san Edo" where the streets of the Edo period still remain. After exploring the streets of Sawara, I will show you around the ship. (If you wish, you can enjoy the electric cart more slowly after the tour.)
※ Narita airport, or pick up service to the hotel you stay. (Some hotels do not apply services.)


Adult 6,600 yen Child (4 years old and under 12 years old) 3,700 yen


● Time

Approximately three hours scheduled


No lunch


Cosplay costume lending available (reservation required)


  • Akiba Cart Narita Store


  • Arrive at Sawara-Town


  • Chukei Bridge



  • Tadataka Ino old house


  • Toyooshi



  • Toukunshuzou(Sake)


  • Sawara Visitor’s Center

There are miniatures in the city which are elaborately built in the hall, and you can explain the sights of the building and the history of the town.



  • Koedo Sawara Sightseeing Boat

you can enjoy the Edo period historical town along the Ono River.



  • Akiba Cart Narita Store(close